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  1. Help. I feel as if I am drowning. I come back up for a bit of air and then down again. My entire family is shunning me. Even my grown daughters have been sucked into this black hole. It’s a poison and it has affected my entire family. And they say it’s all my fault. How could that be?

    • Pamela, we are here! Have you been looking over the website information? Families respond under Group–Think, this is how they are able to shun. Most likely you have been scapegoated and everyone is expected to participate, even your daughters. I am so sorry this has happened to you–the wounding and trauma are deep, I know. All the daughters (200 of us so far) on this webpage and on Sedna’s Daughters on Facebook have been through this…take our hands. We are here. We KNOW what you are going through….you are not alone….come to Facebook and let us help you get through this time. It DOES get better; we promise!! You can count on our love…we won’t leave you, betray you, blame you, or deny your experience…we are a mighty force of Daughters…hang in there, dear, dear Pamela…

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